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Because I couldn’t find a complete, accurate list of all the wargear and when it unlocks in Dawn of War II’s Last Stand mode, I’m creating my own in the hopes that it’ll prove useful to others someday. :) If you find these lists useful or have any corrections to make, just drop me a comment at the bottom of the page. Feedback is always appreciated! I have personally verified everything up to level 16, other details are courtesy of friends and commenters.  Thanks to Pika, YoYoDominoYo, PLAsmamAn, and Beelzebot for helping to complete the list. :)


Bolt Pistol
Default weapon. Can only be replaced, not removed.

One-handed ranged weapon, 4.8 dps.

Default weapon. Can only be replaced, not removed.

One-handed melee weapon, 7.6 dps.

Power Armor
Default armor. Can only be replaced, not removed.

Armor Rating: 62.

Starting equipment

Two-handed ranged weapon, 21.8 dps. +0.3 Energy Regeneration. Grants Ability: Blind Grenade (10energy: Stun enemy targets in an area on detonation.)

Master-Crafted Bolt Pistol
Starting equipment

One-handed ranged weapon, 4.8 dps. +1.5 Health Regeneration.

Master-Crafted Chainsword
Starting equipment

One-handed melee weapon, 12.3 dps. Grants Trait: Zealous (The Captain regains 10 health every time he strikes with his chainsword.)

Armor of Resilience
Starting equipment

Armor Rating 128. Grants Trait: Unshakable (Makes the wearer immune to knockback.)

Rite of Fortitude
Starting equipment

Accessory. +75 Health.

Rite of Swift Victory
Starting equipment

Accessory. Grants Ability: Victory Charge (10energy: Charge to a specified location with the chapter’s vigor, smashing through objects and knocking enemies back.)

Oath of Merciless Rage
Unlocks at level 2

Accessory. Grants Ability: Merciless Strike (15energy: Lash out at a specified target with an explosive short-range melee attack.)

Plasma Pistol
Unlocks at level 3

One-handed ranged weapon, 3.5 dps. Grants Traits: Corroding (Targets hit with the plasma pistol have their armor reduced for a short duration), Combat Expert (+30% Melee and Ranged damage.)

Parable of the Stalwart Brother
Unlocks at level 4

Accessory. +1.5 Health Regeneration.

Larraman’s Blessing
Unlocks at level 5

Commander Item. Grants Trait: Healing Aura (+2 Health Regeneration for all nearby allies.)

Litanies of Hate
Unlocks at level 6

Accessory. Grants Ability: Taunt Target (3energy: Force a targeted enemy to engage the Space Marine, drawing fire from their allies.)

Power Axe
Unlocks at level 7

One-handed melee weapon, 19.0 dps. Grants Trait: Armor Piercing (Strikes from the Power Axe ignore up to 100 armor value.)

Jump Pack
Unlocks at level 8

Accessory. Grants Ability: Assault Jump (15energy: Soar through the air and land at target location knocking back nearby units.)

Armor of Vengeance
Unlocks at level 9

Armor Rating: 208. Grants Trait: Reactive Strike (Chance when the Captain is hit by a melee attack to damage and knockback the attacker.)

Rite of the Tireless Crusader
Unlocks at level 10

Accessory. Grants Ability: Revive (30energy: Revive a fallen comrade with full health and temporary invulnerability.)

Plasma Gun
Unlocks at level 11

Two-handed ranged weapon, 22.6 dps. Grants Ability: Hellfire Grenade (15energy: An area-of-effect attack with low-medium damage distributed evenly across the entire area. This damage ignores a significant amount of armor.) Grants Trait: Armor Piercing (Attacks from the Plasma Gun ignore up to 100 armor value.)

Terror of Xenos
Unlocks at level 12

Accessory. Grants Ability: Fearsome Shout (35energy: Cause all nearby enemies to retreat.)

Artificer Armor
Unlocks at level 13

Armor rating: 162, +50 Health, +25 Energy.

Litanies of Zeal
Unlocks at level 14

Accessory. Grants Trait: Zealous Leadership (Melee attacks heal all nearby allies for 5 health.)

Dreadnought Drop Pod
Unlocks at level 15

Commander Item. Grants Ability: Call Dreadnought (50energy: Deliver a Dreadnought by drop pod.) Can only have one Dreadnought active at a time.

Plasma Cannon
Unlocks at level 16

Two-handed ranged weapon, 10.5 dps. Grants Traits: Knockback (Blasts from the Plasma Cannon will knock down enemy infantry units), Heavy (Using a Heavy weapon requires a short setup period before firing and, once setup, a teardown period before the unit can move again), Area of Effect (Attacks from this weapon deal damage over a large area.) Cannot use Jump Pack with this weapon.

Armor of Foritude
Unlocks at level 17

Armor Rating: 144, +2.5 Health Regeneration.

Frag Grenades
Unlocks at level 18

Accessory. Supplies Frag Grenades which are an Area-of-effect attack with damage much higher the closer a target is to the central impact point knocks down surviving victims.

Feel No Pain
Unlocks at level 19

Accessory. Restore health to a nearby targeted ally.

Orbital Targeting Beacon
Unlocks at level 20

Commander Item. Grants the ability to call in a massive orbital strike capable of destroying even the heaviest units.

Lightning Claw
Unlocked by achievement “The Warrior Born” (Achieve 350 kills in a single match as the Space Marine Captain)

One-handed melee weapon, 10.0 dps. Grants Trait: Lightning Damage.

Thunder Hammer
Unlocked by achievement “Fury of the Primarchs” (Kill 2,500 enemies as the Space Marine Captain)

Two-handed melee weapon, 15.0 dps. Grants Traits: Vehicle Stun, Knockback.

Inscribed Combat Shield
Unlocked via paid DLC pack

Shield (uses one-handed ranged weapon slot), +25 Armor Rating, +25 Health. Grants Trait: Shield Block (Incoming ranged damage reduced by 25%.)

Sacred Relic Armor
Unlocked via paid DLC pack

Armor Rating: 135. Grants Traits: Melee Expert (Melee damage increased by 15%), Crushing Blows (Melee attacks deal additional damage in an area around the attacker.)


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117 thoughts on “Dawn of War II: Last Stand Wargear List (Space Marine Captain)”

  1. Som3On3 says:

    The best group build is Captain – tank class taking on everything, Mecboy – using telebomb to explode the large groups of infantry, Farseer – supporting your team and teleporting everyone away for safety, you should finish wave 20 with this.

  2. Ckwicko says:

    Here’s a fun tank build I like to use

    Master crafted chainsword
    Inscribed combat shield

    Artificer armour

    Litanies of zeal
    Parable of the stalwart brother/jump pack
    Rite of fortitude

    Commander item:
    Dreadnought/laramans blessing/orbital bombardment

    Basically if your taking blessing get jump pack for using up your energy but if not then use your energy for bombardments/dreadnought and just run around and laugh as nothing can kill you

  3. Cubano says:

    Captain is the only true tank among all other characters and he is really good at it.

    Master-Crafter Chainsword (because it heals)
    Inscribed Combat Shield (for more health, armor and range damage resistance)

    Armor of Vengeance (because he will be swarmed by melee fighters all the time)

    Rite of Fortitude
    Jump Pack (used to engage and disengage from the enemy)
    Litanies of Hate (a key to be called a tank)

    Commander iteam:
    Dreadnought Drop Pod

    Taunt all melee units that enter the battlefield and some shooters (just not too many, your companions can also take some hits). When your party clears most of the smaller units, taunt the bigger ones like Eldar walkers, Carnifexes and run around the battlefield allowing your party members to shoot them down.
    If your companions know what they are doing you should get to wave16 with ease. If they don’t what they are doing then go with some more focused on dealing damage character.

    Best use with:
    Tau, Orc, Lord General shoot down the Xenos.

    Unable to deal with heavy units, weapon platforms. You have to rely on your companions to do this.

  4. jjchen372 says:

    I use this build

    Lighting claws
    Combat shield

    Sacred relic

    Jump pack
    Rite of fortitude
    Litanies of zeal

    Commander item:
    Laramans blessing or dreadnought

  5. Zorro says:

    +1 to jjchen372’s build. I’m not sure about laramans blessing or dreadnought. While the dreadnought is a killing machine if you move/jump around alot it will be following you and not attacking.

  6. -SoL- Justice says:

    What everyone says is that the combat shield pairs well with the lightning claws which is true but what is also true is that the plasma pistol pairs amazingly with it and the setup is this-

    Lighting claws, Plasma Pistol

    Armor of Vengeance

    Jump Pack
    Rite of Fortitude
    Feel No Pain

    Dreadnought Drop Pod/Larraman’s Blessing

  7. sgtcat says:

    Thanks btw I found this really useful. I still don’t understand why they don’t just put something like this on their website or something

  8. FigNewtonGuy says:

    A good combo of classes are:
    -The Captain, to heavily hit the enemies using a combo of melee and ranged
    -Shas’o’Commander, using ranged weapons to support the Captain
    -Farseer to support with health and armor

  9. Patchling86 says:

    I dont have a slot left for my thunder hammer as i am almost near the acheivement being 40 kills left, where will it go? Cause i really want to use it when I’ve done the achievment

  10. Deadops Rarity says:

    Good idea for space marines that want to live longer to get more kills

    Lightning claws(350 kills 1 match)
    Bolt pistol Health regen 1.5

    Sacred relic Good hp

    Litanies of zeal
    Parable of stelwart brother Health regen 1.5
    Jump pack

    Larramens blessing

  11. asd says:

    Thanks for the lists – been using them for a couple of years (on and off) and they are much appreciated! :)

  12. Chibi Assassin says:

    Little guide I’ve been putting together http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=269348257

  13. fitnesscreators says:

    Do this as a build:
    power axe
    master crafted boltpistol
    rite of fortitutde
    llarmans blessing
    jump pack
    artificer armor

  14. fitnesscreators says:

    Or insted of the blessing i do dreadnought drop pod as command

  15. fitnesscreators says:

    ranged build
    plasma cannon
    artificer armor
    rite of fortitude
    terror of the zenos(beacuse your character will get swarmed all the time.)
    feel no pain
    dreadnought: for all those bad guys coming from behind/bombardment: just beacuse.

  16. spacethunder says:

    Mark have you tried going to the left side of the map were the pilars go up and down ther stand on the pilar when it is down but close to the right clif and make sure your foot is on it and when it goes up move your player into the rivine (right clif ) then go to the building at the bottom of te map right and stand next to it then go in it and exit then go to the pilars and stand between the rocks but were any armour that resists knockback

  17. Clockwork says:

    These are 2 of the best builds in my opinion :

    – 1st one, for a ranged SM that top 10 players (especially cloning sorcerers) love to meet in non-retribution :
    Plasma gun

    Armor of vengeance

    Rite of fortitude
    Parable of the Stalwart Brother
    Jump Pack

    Larraman’s Blessing (tougher)/Dreadnought Drop Pod (Meat shield)

    You can easily do every wave alone up to wave 16, except for wave 14 where Raveners will finish you off, if your friends doesn’t help you to kill them (before dying).

    – 2nd one, for a melee SM in retribution in Bloody Arena, for both DPS and tank (wave 16 can be done really easily with this, if you’re a Tactical Genius) :
    Lightning Claw
    Plasma Pistol

    Armor of vengeance

    Rite of fortitude
    Parable of the Stalwart Brother
    Jump Pack

    Larraman’s Blessing

    Now with this one, you can do every wave alone, except for wave 20 where again you’ll need to be a Tactical Genius to win in a team way.

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