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The following is an incomplete list of wargear available for the Lord General in Dawn of War II: Retribution’s Last Stand game mode. More details and icons will be added as soon as possible. All of the Lord General’s weaponry is classed as two-handed, however he will always be seen holding the “two-handed” weapon in his left hand, and trademark sword in his right. I’ve personally confirmed up to level 11, with the rest of the information from commenters. Big thanks to ultrasloth7 for providing the information to get the list kickstarted, also kudos to Darzinth, xXDeszarasXx, Vexille, Pyro, Beelzebot, and Tsenzei for additional info and assistance. If you have any corrections or updates, please leave a comment below and I’ll update the list when I can.


Sniper Rifle
Default weapon, can only be replaced, not removed.

Two-handed ranged weapon, 8.0 dps.

Carapace Armor
Default armor, can only be replaced, not removed.

Armor Rating: 18.

Deadly Sniper Rifle
Starting equipment

Two-handed ranged weapon, 12.0 dps. +1.0 Energy Regeneration. Grants Ability: High-Powered Shot (20energy: Fire a high-powered anti-infantry round with very long range.)

Cadia Pattern Carapace Armor
Starting equipment

Armor Rating: 125. +0.2 Energy Regeneration.

Starting equipment

Two-handed ranged weapon, 9.0 dps. Grants Traits: Zealous (Whenever the Lord General make a standard attack, he regains Health equal to 25% of the damage caused), Wargear Package (In addition to the Lord General, weapon specialists are able to equip this weapon.)

Starting equipment

Two-handed ranged weapon, 6.0 dps. Grants Traits: Ignore Cover (Enemies targeted with the Flamer gain no advantage from being in cover), Area of Effect (The Flamer deals damage in a large radius), Wargear Package (In addition to the Lord General, weapon specialists are able to equip this weapon.)

Inspiring Power Sword
Starting equipment

Two-handed melee weapon, 19.0 dps. Grants Traits: Inspiring (Strikes from the Power Sword improves the damage and speed of nearby allies), Armor Piercing (Attacks from the Power Sword ignore up to 100 armor value), Melee Charge (Charge into melee combat, knocking down target).

Honorifica Imperialis
Starting equipment

Accessory. +25 Armor Rating, +2.0 Health Regeneration.

Refractor Field
Level 2

Accessory. Grants Ability: Refractor Field (25energy: Employs a large energy shield around the Lord General that protects nearby allied units, reducing the ranged damage they take.)

Medallion Crimson
Level 3

Accessory. Grants Trait: Combat Expert (+30% Melee and Ranged Damage.)

Master-Crafted Carapace Armor
Level 4

Armor Rating: 79. Grants Ability: Tarantula Heavy Bolter Turret (25energy: Calls in a Valkyrie that air drops a tarantula turret armed with a heavy bolter, effective at suppressing infantry.) Grants trait: Fearless (Unit is immune to suppression.)

Level 5

Commander Item. Grants Ability: Deploy Guardsmen (35energy: Calls in a Valkyrie that air drops a squad of Guardsmen, ranged units that can often equip the same weapon as the Lord General.) Grants minion trait: Weapon Specialist (Guardsmen are able to use wargear packages their Lord General has equipped.) Can only have one active Guardsmen squad at a time.

Protective Power Sword
Level 6

Two-handed melee weapon, 10.0 dps. +50 Armor Rating. Grants Ability: Clear Out (25energy: Strike the ground, dealing damage and knocking back enemy units.) Grants Traits: Armor Piercing (Attacks from the Power Sword ignore up to 100 armor value), Melee Charge (Charge into melee combat, knocking down target.)

Level 7

Accessory. Grants Ability: Repair (20energy: Repair the target structure or vehicle.)

Artificer Carapace Armor
Level 8

Armor Rating: 72. Grants Ability: Tarantula Missile Turret (25energy: Calls in a Valkyrie that air drops a tarantula turret armed with missiles, effective at penetrating armor and can knock down smaller units). Grants Trait: Unshakable (Makes the wearer immune to knockback.)

Level 9

Accessory. Adds a Sergeant to Imperial Guard minion squads. Grants Minion Trait: Battle Hardened (Adds 100 Armor and +2 Health Regeneration.)

Level 10

Commander Item. Grants Ability: Deploy Catachan (35energy: Calls in a Valkyrie that air drops a Catachan squad, armed with shotguns and able to throw grenades.) Grants Minion Traits: Knockdown (Catachan shotgun fire has a chance to knock down smaller units), Explosives Expert (Catachans occasionally toss frag grenades.)

Level 11

Accessory. Grants Ability: Reinforce (10energy: Call a Valkyrie assault carrier to the target location, reinforcing allied infantry near the landing zone.)

Mordian Pattern Carapace Armor
Level 12

Armor Rating: 37. Grants ability: Executioner Heavy Turret (40energy: Valkyrie dropship air-drops a heavy turret equipped with the Executioner, a rapid firing plasma cannon devastating to infantry).

Grenade Launcher
Level 13

Two-handed ranged weapon, 5.5 dps. Grants ability: Blind Grenade Volley (20energy: fire a volley of blind grenades, stunning enemies in the target area). Grants traits: Area of Effect, Knockdown, Wargear Package.

Level 14

Accessory. Grants minion trait: Combat Expert (+30% melee and ranged damage).

Level 15

Commander Item. Grants ability: Deploy Ogryns (35energy). Grants minion trait: Healthy (Ogryns have increased health).

Armageddon Pattern Carapace Armor
Level 16

Armor Rating: 30. Grants ability: Vanquisher Heavy Turret (40energy: air-drops a heavy turret with a vanquisher cannon, deals large area-of-effect, and punches through even the thickest armor).

Take Aim!
Level 17

20energy: Grant an ally a temporary but significant damage boost.

Plasma Gun
Level 18

Two-handed ranged weapon, 7.3 dps. Grants traits: Armor Piercing (attacks from the Plasma weapon ignore up to 100 armor), Wargear Package (in addition to the Lord General, weapon specialists are able to equip this weapon).

Rocket Run
Level 19

50energy: Calls in a Valkyrie to perform targeted rocket pod runs to devastate the enemy. Grants trait: Rocket Run.

Storm Troopers
Level 20

Storm Troopers: Elite infantry equpped with hot shot lasguns. Grants the Tactical Withdrawl ability that allows the Lord General to retreat to a target position. Grants Ability: Deploy Storm Troopers (35energy). Grants Ability: Tactical Withdrawal (6energy: the Lord General will retreat to the target location to regroup). Grants Trait: Special Ops (-25% Energy costs).

The Black Plate
Unlocked by achievement “Unshakable” (Complete 10 waves in a single match while holding both strategic points as the Lord General)

Armor Rating: 125. Grants Trait: Black Armor (The Lord General receives 50% less damage in melee).

Duelist Honors
Unlocked by achievement “A trail of blood behind him” (Kill 2,500 enemies as the Lord General)

Accessory. Grants Trait: Duelist (Increases melee damage by 40%).

Ornate Vostroyan Shotgun
Unlocked via paid DLC pack

Two-handed ranged weapon, 10.5 dps. Grants Trait: Area of Effect (The Shotgun deals damage in a radius). Grants Ability: Solid Slug (25energy: Replace the Shotgun’s regular shot with a solid slug. Deals large damage to the target and knocks back units in a small area.)

Ursidae Trophy
Unlocked via paid DLC pack

Accessory. Grants Minion Traits: Inspired Will (Increases the health of all the General’s infantry by 15), Superior Provisions (Increases the health of all the General’s turrets by 150.)


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96 thoughts on “Dawn of War II: Last Stand Wargear List (Lord General)”

  1. Eagle11 says:

    Deadly Sniper Rifle
    Cadia Pattern Carapace Armor
    Medallion Crimson
    Rocket Run

    Before Tau has been invented this was one of the best builds for it oneshot-killed most heavies,had an spammable nuke as well as contributing ranged-dps minions.
    There is an bug with retreat ability that it can break when youve been hit in melee: Even if youve managed to pass by and didnt get that blow’s dmg somehow still applies and cancels it.

  2. Tsenzei says:

    I really hope they get around to fixing that retreat bug, among other things, I think it might make melee LG a lot less frustrating to mess around with.

  3. Aylin says:


    I prefer it with the Honorifica Imperialis instead of the Sergeant. The Stormtroopers are pretty much fodder regardless, but the medal lets you take a lot more punishment.

    It’s still very powerful, even with Tau. The other day I used it with 2 Tau teammates. One had ~200 kills, the other had ~250, and I had ~400.

  4. Cassius says:


    Wouldn’t it be better to use the Honorifica Imperialis instead of the Medalion Crimson? I would prefer longer survival rather than higher dmg. Does the dmg increase make up for it (or improve the rocket run for instance?), allowing the build you posted to be more effective? In other words; what’s good about the Medalion Crimson?

  5. Idimmu says:

    The reason most people use the Medallion Crimson, is that it allows you to one shot a lot of heavies with High Powered Shot

  6. jonathan says:

    do i need retribution to use the wargear dlc?

  7. Inmore says:

    thx for your web , its really useful :)

  8. Frazer says:

    This is a beast as build:
    Plasma Gun: So that you can kill most small units in one shot and heavier units in a few.
    The Black Plate: So that you wont die as easily in combat in the case you get swarmed.
    Duelist Honors: So that you are no slouch even in melee.
    Rocket Run: So you can eliminate large amounts of enemies quickly.
    Take Aim: So that you can buff your minions into killing machines.
    Stormtroopers: So that you have access to some powerful minions while also having a trait that reduces the energy cost of your abilities, meaning you can spam your ‘take aim’ and ‘rocket run’, it also lets you retreat if you are ever overrun.

  9. -SoL- Justice says:

    Yes you do need Retribution the DLC gear is only for Retribution.

  10. -SoL- Justice says:

    The plasma gun does little damage unless you use the guardsman squad. The only weapons you should use without the guardsman squad are: The power swords, the sniper rifle, and the shotgun.

  11. -SoL- Justice says:

    A Build I just used is this-

    Ornate Vostroyan Shotgun

    Cadia Pattern Carapace Armor

    Honorifica Imperialis
    Medallion Crimson
    Take Aim!

    Storm Troopers

    The shotgun because it is most balanced weapon for Lord General due to its AoE for small enemies and Solid Slug for large enemies. The first armor for good defense and energy regen to use all your skills. Honorifica for defense as well. Hedallion and Take Aim both for damage. And finally Storm troopers for less energy costs.

  12. -SoL- Justice says:


    I’m highly sure that the Medallion Crimson increases all damage you deal including rocket run. I have noticed on the eldar that combat expert/master improves all your skill damage so why wouldn’t it work for LG? And with “What is good about the Medallion Crimson?” It is great for the shotgun, sniper rifle, and the inspiring power sword due to extra high damage. Also I know as a fact that it increases the damage you deal with Solid Slug, and High Powered Shot.

  13. -SoL- Justice says:

    how much damage exactly does Take Aim! give? I know it is alot i just don’t know how much

  14. Aylin says:

    Well, I just discovered a fairly annoying bug with the Catachans. Kills that are made with their frag grenades are not credited to you, at all. /annoyed

  15. Aylin says:


    Without the guardsmen the Sniper Rifle will deal more damage for you AND it increases your energy regeneration by 1. Also the duelist honors is not nearly as good as the Medallion Crimson, so wtf are you using the duelist honors???

    As for Take Aim, if you’re using it on your minions would the Commissar be a better choice? Though quite frankly the General is squishy as hell without the Honorifica Imperialis so I’d suggest that instead. Higher damage means nothing if you have to wait for your teammates to raise you all of the time. And no, Retreat won’t always save you because the ability is buggy as hell and will cancel in the middle of running away (which causes the General to turn around to fight and ignore your orders for 2 seconds).

    And finally, stormtroopers are the WEAKEST minion creatures he has. The only reason people use them is because of the -25% energy costs. They’re little better than target practice for your enemies (which is the only reason you would bother to summon them so they get clobbered instead of you).

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